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Top Secret
Pinewood Derby®
Coach's Secret Lube
Out performs all other lubes by a mile

Winners know better not to use messy/unhealthy graphite.
If dry lube is the only requirement in your pack, we can give you the winning advantage.

Pinewood Derby© Coach's Secret Lube will dry in a short time, and will give your race car a huge advantage.

It is a clean, dry, clear, legal, and unbeatable lube.

(enough for 3 cars)

Why is Coach's Secret Lube a superior alternative to graphite?
The wheels and axles will grind graphite into smaller particles during your race. This grinding takes energy which is stolen directly from the speed of your car. Your car should be optimized as a race car and not as a set of grinding wheels. Our lube acts as ball bearings at microscopic level which is millions of times smaller than graphite particles. 

1.  Do not use our lube with grooved axles. You will go faster using standard axles, and you will spend less time and money doing it.
2. Never mix our lube with graphite or other lubes as doing that many slow you down. To achieve the best performance from Coach's Secret Lube, we recommend removing axles and wheels on older cars and cleaning them with rubbing alcohol before applying our superior lube. Be aware, removing axles from older cars where glue was used may cause damage to your car body.  Thank you again for looking and we wish you the best.

Coach's Secret Lube is a superior alternative to graphite.  We have tested  our Pinewood Derby® specially formulated secret lube against all different types of graphite, oil, silicon, and lubes found out there, and nothing has come close.  Take your derby race car to the winner's circle with Coach's Secret Lube. 

There is not a single oil or a lube out there that can come close to the high performance you will get from our secret wet-to-dry in a few seconds derby race car lubricant.  In a few seconds, our lube will coat all essential surfaces even in a fully assembled car. Our lube was specifically engineered by professionals for a 5-ounce Pinewood Derby® car to eliminate friction between the metal axles and the plastic wheels.  We promise you our derby Coach's secret sauce lube will give you a huge advantage over other race cars in your Pinewood Derby® race.

Some cub scout packs recommend using only graphite as a lubricant, but your coach believes using graphite was for the first 50 years of derby!  You now have Coach's Secret Lube which is a space age, legal,  dry, clean, and super slick lubricant. Coach's Secret Lube is faster than oil which is not even legal in BSA races.  Many packs are getting away from using messy graphite, and their only requirement now is the use of a dry lube. This is why we have spent many years engineering the perfect legal dry lube for Pinewood Derby® race cars.

If you are a leader in your pack, please consider switching your entire pack to Coach's Secret Lube which is a much faster, safer, and cleaner lube than graphite. Share this secret with everyone you know in your pack.

We can help your pack win your district and council  races.

Please note:
Whoever suggests timing a free spinning wheel on different lubes does not understand the real science behind making fast Pinewood Derby® race cars.   A better wheel spinning test would be using a wheel that has a weight of 1.66 oz. (for cars having 3 wheels touching the track).  This is about 1/3 of the total weight of your car. Of course, the ultimate testing of lubes or other variables should be done using the same exact car on the same track using an accurate timer. Axles and wheel bores must be cleaned well in between applying different lubes using alcohol. We do this every year as a quality assurance measure.
The real test is on the track so don't be fooled by spinning a light free wheel in air!
Our lube times beat graphite and other lubes by a huge margin every time. Unlike graphite, Coach's Secret Lube is very easy to apply. Graphite's performance fades after a few runs, but you will not find a performance loss with Coach's Secret Lube for well past 30 runs. Our outside the box thinking revolutionary methods and Coach's Secret Lube are the best things that have happened to Pinewood Derby® since it started almost 60 years ago. 


Meet The 100% Legal Pinewood Derby® Record Holding Car.
Trophies Won By This Car In 2010.

Example of how Coach's Secret Lube can turn any car into a super fast car.

Here is Coach's daughter's car that participated in a girl scout troop Derby race. Against Coach's recommendation for optimizing the car for speed, his daughter insisted on building a ballet pointe shoe. She was very much involved in carving the car, and she was very exited as the car started to look like a ballet shoe. To cut the story short, even though this car was far from being optimized for speed, it still came in 2nd place at the finals because it was the only car running on Coach's Secret Lube. It's noteworthy to mention the first place winner was one of Coach's friend's daughters who actually listened to Coach's suggestions...